Need to Prepare With Very Limited Budget?

I’m familiar with that one. This section of my site will address that issue. You don’t need a million dollars to be safe. What you need is some clear guidance. Throughout these articles, you’ll find ways to remain healthy, no matter what the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus does. You’ll find ways to eat well, to hide what you have, and to even make a little money on the side, plus much more.

I’ve been a prepper since before the term was invented. All being a prepper means is finding ways to see what’s coming and learn how to face it. Sometimes, however, we’re blindsided. Things happen before we’re ready, like the time the tornado took our house. I’ll share that story with you at a later date.

For now, be assured you are neither alone nor without resources. If you want to learn how, keep coming back.

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