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We are living in extraordinary times. A man-made, bio-engineered virus threatens our very existence. Epoch News calls it the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus. President Trump and others call it the Chinese virus. Whatever you call it, you will probably contract the disease, eventually. Hopefully, the peak infection will have passed, and if you need one, a hospital room will be available.

But what if I said there is an alternative to getting to that point – I mean, to the point of getting so sick you need to be hospitalized?

This video series will help all of us get there.

First, we need to recognize that we are a very unhealthy nation. We are fat and self-indulgent. We must have sugar in our drinks and in our food. We like things too salty. We rarely drink water. We eat junk and call it food. Our grains are so processed that our bodies must steal nutrition from us in order to digest them.

Worse, we know all of this. We’ll go on a diet soon, start an exercise program next week, start to limit sodas, desserts and fried foods next month sometime.

Is this serious, our eating and drinking habits? Yes. In fact, they’re deadly. They WILL kill us. The only moment we have in all eternity is NOW. Make a decision NOW to get healthy, or face the CCP virus with a compromised immune system.

The reason I call this video series FACE IT is that we must face what we’re doing, or face death instead. Our choice. OUR choice. I’m included in all of this too. I’m fat and unhealthy too. I have done all of the above. This video series is my journey toward a healthy immune system, better eating, and better living. As I learn to live the way God created me, I will share it with you.

Please walk with me as we FACE this deadly threat. We can do so much more together. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

“Healthy food is expensive,” I’ve often complained. “Who can afford organic everything, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs, wild salmon? Not me.” I think I’ve tried just about every diet out there. I get real excited – for a while – then return to my old, sorry ways. Anyone out there with me?

So let’s take this a step at a time. The first few videos will address single questions, such as, “Which foods actually fortify the immune system?” One video will be dedicated to natural ways of caring for the common cold. Another will introduce us to antiviral herbs. We’ll talk about foods that HEAL kidneys and prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Having trouble finding zinc or magnesium in the stores? We’ll look at foods that are high in those minerals as well.

Why all this talk about foods instead of vitamin pills? Because foods are whole units, not separated down to their “active” ingredients. Foods come with all the supporting components already built in. An orange isn’t just made up of vitamin C. It’s a whole complex of materials that support each other and make the vitamins and minerals in the fruit work at their peak. We’ve been conditioned to pop a pill when we feel bad, not realizing that that same pill came from a plant originally. Let’s look at those plants together and find out how to use them for our optimum health.

This first video is an introduction. I will make one suggestion here: GROW SOMETHING. When you grow it yourself, you can make your own organic fruits and vegetables, even your own meds, and thereby get a jump start on our body’s health. We CAN defeat this virus. We CAN be healthy.

Now, let me introduce myself. I’m in my 70s. For years, my husband and I were foster parents, until we no longer could care effectively for our children. Because of our children, we rented a rather large home with enough room for everyone. But as our energy waned, we began to realize (we’re slow learners) that we might not be able to do this forever. We didn’t want to be stuck with a house payment in our declining years. We’re on Social Security. My husband is disabled. The one thing I knew how to do was parent kids, which was why we were foster parents. So what were we to do?

We needed to find a place we could afford for the rest of our lives, on Social Security.

That meant we needed to find a trailer house with an owner-carry loan (since our credit was also shot). Then all we would need to pay was lot rent. The one thing we knew how to do was live on practically nothing.

We came to this lovely mountain community, filled with enthusiasm and hope. We had saved for the down payment. We could afford the house payment. We would do fine.

Not entirely true. Two plumbing problems later ate up the rest of our savings. We found ourselves with a house payment, lot rent, utilities and a car payment, the total of which completely destroyed our budget.

We only had a five-year loan, so we figured we could tough it out for the next five years.

True enough, but it was a very trying five years. The vehicle we had so lovingly purchased to haul kids around consumed gas to the tune of 10 miles per gallon, which meant we also couldn’t afford to make more than one trip per week into town.

Sundays only. We weren’t about to stop going to church. Our connection with Christian believers was our lifeline. We shopped on Sundays after church. We never went out.

But you can’t go to the doctor on Sundays. So we needed to stop that too. And I went into a panic. How were we to get our meds without a doctor?

I went online to find out alternatives to the meds we took that addressed our various health concerns.

And I discovered a whole world of natural medicine THAT WORKED BETTER THAN THE PILLS I WAS TAKING. Let me repeat that: We discovered a whole world of natural medicine that worked better than the pills I was taking.

To supplement, I took up gardening. Let me rephrase that. I began to learn a whole new way of gardening, one that was completely without poisons, with interesting results. I may do another series on organic gardening, but let’s get healthy first.

So next week we’re going to cover Antiviral Herbs. Yes, contrary to what modern medicine says, there are foods and herbs that fill your whole system with antivirals, making it very difficult for the CCP virus to gain a foothold. That’s where we need to start.

So will you come with me?

Please comment. I read all comments.

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