Life happens.

Our first encounter with learning to be prepared came with a tornado that took our house. We had only been married a few years, and we lost everything – almost. We didn’t lose our lives because we never panicked. That is the first skill a prepper needs to learn. The world may go to pieces, but you choose not to.

A number of years later, a series of incidents dominoed against us. We lost our home (we lived in the office for a while), then our business. As expert winter campers, we took our children into the mountains. That year we introduced our children to learning to stay alive and well in a wilderness environment.

A few years ago, deciding to retire, we moved into a very expensive community. We didn’t know that the ramifications of the cost of living (yes, we still live here) would wipe us out financially. It took all our resources to survive the next five years. As if conspiring against us, the price of gas soared and we couldn’t even afford to go into town except rarely. No doctors, limited groceries, no finances. What did we do?

I planted a garden to help provide fresh fruits and vegetables. We grew sprouts in jars. Once a month when we got paid, we stocked up on staples such as beans and rice. I made all our prepared food from scratch. I grew herbs in our tiny garden and inside in the house and learned how to make our own meds. I even held classes in how others could do the same, and sold herbal products at craft fairs and farmers’ markets.

And I wrote books on how to do everything we learned.

This is where I live now. I write for the prepared community, because we never know what life will throw at us. Life happens. Survivors learn how to face it.