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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an SEO expert?

Life changes, and so does SEO. What is optimized at one time will become secondary at another. However, I can say that I research specified keywords, even substituting better ones if called for. Your project will be optimized for the current market.

How soon can I expect your work?

This always depends upon the length and research needed for your project. You will receive a proposal within 24-72 hours. The proposal will include an estimated time of completion.

But what if I need it faster? Do you do rush jobs?

I don’t do rush jobs.

Your best bet is to notify me well in advance of your deadline. The quality of your finished product depends upon better planning. You can get a hack job from just about anyone. But if you want quality, I will need time to engage the creative process.

Do you ever outsource your work?

If I agree to do a particular project, it will be finished to my specifications. I have not outsourced anything to date.

Do you work locally, or do you work with people from other areas?

Both. In fact, most of my clients are not local. After all, I chose to live in a rural community because I embrace this lifestyle.

How many revisions do you offer?

Revisions are included in the price. We’re finished when you’re satisfied.

What if I have more questions before I decide we’re a fit?

No problem! Just fill out the contact form found on the home page or the contact page, or shoot me an email: Mama@mamapreppercopywriting.com. I respond to all serious inquiries.